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West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee

Serving the Veterans and Residents of West Seneca



Jim Manley
American Legion, Post 735


  • In Memory of Commander Ronald T. Puckett and David J. Dascomb
  • Rest In Peace

  • Cleanup at the Walkway of Freedom
    • The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee would like to Thank the following two groups for their volunteer work at the Walkway during the month of May. With the cleanup and planting, the Walkway and gardens are all set for the Summer. With the help other Garden volunteers, the gardens will be in full bloom throughout the season.


      Weeding the Flower Beds
      Preparing to Spread Mulch

      The 2024 Walkway of Freedom Clean-up Crew consisted of Jim & Kelly Bebak, Christopher Marks (Scott’s Miracle Gro), Jim Hinton (Scott’s Miracle Gro), Margaret Griffin, Christopher Connelly, Patti Wangelin, Mary & Joe Sherman and Kelly Czechowski. Many thanks to Scott's Miracle Gro and Home Depot for donating soil, mulch and plants. It is because of their hard work that the Walkway looks so well-kept.

      Even the Small Flowerbeds received Loving Care
      Group Photo of the Walkway Volunteers


      As in previous years, we were fortunate to have the West Seneca students to lend a hand in cleaning the Walkway. The students swept, cleaned the benches & Learning Stations, hosed down the monuments, policed the area and cleaned the Veterans Annex. It is impressive that the students give back to the community by donating their time and muscle!

      Setting up American Flags
      Cleaning the Monuments

      We hope that the students have learned a little more about our military and our veterans. They had a chance to view the Learning Stations and memorials. Many had relatives that were or currently serving in the military and showed interest in the Walkway. The enthusiasm that the students brought was delightful as they performed their community service. We look to have the students join us next year for their community service!

      Cleaning the Gazebo
      Trojans Group Photo

  • Veteran/Military Banners Placed Along Union Road
    • The 2024 Veteran/Military Banners have been placed along Union Road between Center Road and Seneca Street.

      Banners have also been placed along a small section of Main Street and also along Legion Parkway.

      Banners Along Legion Parkway

      The Veteran/Military Banners will be on display until approximately the second week of September.

  • Updated Veteran’s Bricks Listing in the Walkway of Freedom Complex
    • The 2024 order for engraved Veterans bricks have been placed in the Path of Honor at the Walkway of Honor complex

      The new bricks were placed in the Path of Honor, which runs parallel to Union Road and placed near the path to the World War I monumnet

      Path Layouts at the Walkway of Freedom

      Click here to go directly to the Walkway of Freedom Alphabetical Brick Listing

  • Medal Ceremony - April 3, 2024

    • In November 2023, a West Seneca resident, Paul Wisniewski, contacted the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee to see if he could get his father’s (Edward L. Wisniewski) medals from World War II replaced. Over the years, the medals originally presented to Edward Wisniewski were lost or misplaced. The Veterans Committee contacted Walt Koch, Deputy District Director, 26th Congressional District of NY and sought his help to obtain replacement medals.

      Edward L. Wisniewski was part of the Naval Reserves before joining the regular Army in 1940. Mr. Wisniewski was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii when Japan launched an attack on the United States naval base on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. More than 2,400 military personnel and civilians were killed and 1,178 were wounded in the bombing raid. The Japanese attack sank or severely damaged 18 ships, including the 8 battleships, three light cruisers, and three destroyers. On the airfields around Pearl Harbor, the Japanese destroyed 161 American planes and seriously damaged 102 aircraft.

      Paul Wisniewski, Supervisor Gary Dickson, Tom Wisniewski, family friends,
      and members of Marine Corps League and American Legion

      Through the chaos and smoke, the American forces were able to put a limited defense. Edward Wisniewski was part of a gunnery crew that managed to get their gun battery working and shot down 3 Japanese aircraft. For his heroic service in a combat zone, Edward Wisniewski was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the fourth-highest individual military award. Unfortunately, a fire at the St. Louis Army records facility destroyed many of our Armed Forces records, leaving no record of Edward’s awarding of the Bronze Star Medal.

      Tom and Paul Wisniewski

      After his Honorable Discharge from the United States Army in 1946, Edward moved to West Seneca and went to work for and retired from Bethlehem Steel Corp in Lackawanna. He also played organized softball for St. Patrick’s Church and the Ford Motor Assembly Plant. He played third-base and was named to the Western New York Softball Hall of Fame. Edward Wisniewski passed away on August 27, 1986, at the age of 67 years old.

      Tom and Paul Wisniewski with medals and framed photograph

      The medals that Edward Wisniewski earned were: Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Medal with 1 bronze service star, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 1 bronze service star and the World War II Victory Medal. The replacement medals were received in late March 2024 and a special medal presentation was arranged for Wednesday, April 3, 2024 to honor the military service of Edward Wisniewski.

      Members of Amvets 8113, American Legion and Marine Corps League
      join Paul and Tom Wisniewski for medals presentation

      The ceremony took place at the home of Paul Wisniewski, with Paul, brother Tom, family friends and members of the American Legion Post 735, Marine Corps League, Detachment 239 and the Amvets Post 8113 in attendance. West Seneca Town Supervisor Gary Dickson presented the medals to the Wisniewski brothers and the Veterans Committee presented an American flag that flew over Washington, D.C. The Amvets also presented the Wisniewski’s with a special framed photograph honoring those who served.

      Framed photo honoring all who served and medals of Edward Wisniewski

      May the contributions and sacrifices made by Edward L. Wisniewski and all those who have served in our military, never be forgotten.

  • Restored Spanish-American War Gatling Gun Back in West Seneca
    • The Town of West Seneca is in possession of a Model 1895 10-barreled .30-40caliber Krag Gatling Gun. Only 94 of these Model 1895 Gatling Guns made by Colt Firearms were purchased by the US Army.

      This unique forerunner to the present-day machine gun, was under the command of Lt. John Parker and the 5th Army Corps, Mobile Gun Detachment, on San Juan Hill in Cuba in 1898 during the Spanish American War. Lt. Parker had four guns on San Juan Hill, but only three were in operating condition, so we do not know if this particular gun was fired in combat.

      Gatling Gun is shipped off to Pennsylvania in October 2021

      The Gatling Gun was obtained by former Town Supervisor Henry Lein in 1921 and donated to the Town of West Seneca. The gun was displayed at Union Road and Clinton Street for many years, but was not maintained and became badly corroded. The gun underwent an extensive renovation in the early 2000’s and was fully restored in 2003 by a group of our residents who wanted to preserve this historical weapon. After a brief period of display, the restored Gatling Gun was placed into storage.

      Gatling Gun returned to West Seneca after restoration

      In 2012, the Gatling Gun was placed on display as part of the Walkway of Freedom complex. Though well-intentioned, the gun was never protected from the elements. A shelter was proposed to protect the Gun, but never materialized.

      The Gatling Gun was removed from its pad in 2016, to make room for the building of the Community Center where once again, the Gatling Gun was disassembled and placed in storage at the Highway department. By then the metal components of the gun had become badly corroded.

      Gatling Gun brought through Community Center doors

      Through the efforts of Historical Society Curator Tom Schobert, Town Historian Jim Pace, and Jim Manley, a restoration company was located that could restore the Gatling Gun. Tuckahoe Replicas and Restorations, out of Altoona, Pennsylvania was selected to do the restoration on the Gun. Tom Schobert, working with Town Councilmember Joe Cantafio, was able to obtain funding for the restoration through the office of State Assemblyman Pat Burke

      Gatling Gun set in place in Community Center Hallway

      The Gatling Gun was picked up in October 2021 and transported to Tuckahoe Restorations, where work was started to bring the weapon back to its original appearance. The restoration work was completed in late March 2023 and on 11 April 2023, the Gatling Gun was returned to West Seneca. The Gun was wheeled into the Community Center hallway and readied for display. A formal dedication ceremony will be made at a later date

      Gatling Gun on display

      Today there are only six, possibly seven, of the Gatling Guns remaining. The value of this weapon has been estimated upwards from two-hundred thousand dollars, so not only is this a unique piece of military history but also a very valuable one as well.

      Members of the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee

  • World War II – West Seneca War Service Records
    • Every community has memorials dedicated to the men and women who gave their life in the pursuit of freedom against tyrannical forces. It is morally right and proper that we remember and honor the sacrifices of those names carved on granite memorials. But what about those veterans who did return home. Many came back home with combat wounds of war but many more returned home to their loved ones without physical wounds. They came home to their families and continued their lives and careers without fanfare. The names and sacrifices of these American heroes who came home are slowly being forgotten as the sands of time slip away. It is estimated that out of the 16 million Americans that went to war in World War II, only a little over 389,000 of those veterans were still with us at the end of 2019. Once these members of the greatest generation are gone, how much of their sacrifice will be remembered?

      The World War II database is the most comprehensive look at the military service of the West Seneca men and women who served in that world-wide war. Their military database record stands as a testament to the courage, commitment and sacrifice our young men and women made to keep our nation safe and remaining free from tyranny.

      The database is available by visiting our World War II page by Clicking here.

      In addition to the database, lists of varying interest have also been created. Those listings include World War II Purple Heart recipients, service personnel killed in combat, Silver Star recipients, service personnel by street, personnel by military branch, personnel by street, plus many more. Various category listings can be viewed at West Seneca World War II Lists

      We owe much to all of our veterans who fought in another generation. Nearly every right and freedom we enjoy today has been defended on the battlefields of World War II in faraway lands. Americans must never forget their sacrifices.

      We must preserve the heritage of our West Seneca heroes, passing the memory of their sacrificial service to the next and succeeding generations of Americans.

      As Americans we all owe a debt to the military veterans who have made it possible for our way of life to endure.

      When the United States entered World War II, hundreds of young men and women from the Town of West Seneca joined the military to do their part to protect our freedoms from thoses forces that tried to dominate countries around the world.

      An ongoing project is recreating the information from the original WAR SERVICE RECORDS collected during the World War II years. The public is invited to help update records contained in this listing.

      Click here for more information and the Military Service listing.

  • Calling All Western New York Residents Who Served during the Korean War Era and the Vietnam War Era
    • Over 1.7 million servicemen and servicewomen served in Korea during the Korean War, and more than 3.4 million troops were deployed to Vietnam during that war. In addition, millions more of our military served around the world during the Korean War era and the Vietnam War era. Their contributions to our military can never be fully appreciated and was important to our nation no matter where they served. We want to recognize and honor our Korean era and Vietnam era veterans from Western New York by creating a database of their service. This database will pay a lasting tribute to all local area residents who served during those two eras.

      Our goal is to create a database that will pay a lasting tribute to all who served during the two conflict eras. If you or a member of your family served during the Korea or Vietnam eras, we would like to hear from you.

      • Veteran must have been honorably discharged from military service
      • Must have served on active military duty during the following conflict eras:
        • Korean conflict era (June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955)
        • Vietnam conflict era (February 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975)

      To create the database, our Korean War and Vietnam War era veterans or a member of their family must complete a questionnaire. If you would like to participate, click on the Korean and Vietnam Era Veterans Questionnaire link below, print and complete. Drop off the form or mail to the Veterans Committee at American Legion Post 735. The database compilation will be posted on the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee website and preserved in hardcopy at the West Seneca Historical Society. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Manley at wsvets1@gmail.com.

      Click here to view the Database Questionnaire for Korean and Vietnam Era Veterans. Print, complete and mail.

      Help us thank our veterans for their selflessness, bravery and their sacrifice in advancing the cause of peace and freedom. Documenting the service of our Korean and Vietnam Era veterans will preserve their memory for generations to come.


    The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee was formed in 1957, when many veterans wished a centrally located monument in the Town of West Seneca, dedicated to all wars. The idea of the town veterans banding together for the common good was felt so strongly, through the monument endeavor, that all agreed to continue the organization.


    • To channel all town veterans affairs through a single committee, whether these affairs pertain to government, the Town Board or matters involving other community groups or organizations.
    • To encourage and foster communication among the individual veterans posts and groups.
    • To reduce the duplication of functions and services provided by individual posts, and increase the coordination of community activities provided by veterans groups.
    • To provide a unified and solid front on behalf of all veterans in the Town of West Seneca.
    • To promote and strengthen comradeship among the individual veterans posts or organizations.

    West Seneca Veterans Committee
    Meeting Schedule for 2024

    (Subject to Change)

     DATE    TIME      HOST         MEETING LOCATION  
     3/22/2024    6:30PM      Marine Corps League         Community Center - Small Meeting Room  
     4/26/2024    6:30PM      American Legion Post 735         Community Center - Small Meeting Room  
     5/17/2024    6:30PM      82nd Airborne         Community Center - Small Meeting Room  
     9/27/2024    6:30PM      Amvets Post 8113         Community Center - Small Meeting Room  
     10/25/2024    6:30PM      Seabees of America         Community Center - Small Meeting Room  

    2024 - Upcoming Veterans Committee Events






    May 26 
     10:00 AM  Veterans Memorial Day Mass
    St. Peter's United Church    Post Flags 
    Orchard Park Road and Reserve Road
    May 27 
     10:30 AM  Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony
    11:00am - Walkway of Freedom Complex
       Town Hall 
    November 11 
     11:00 AM  Veterans Day Ceremony Walkway of Freedom 

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