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West Seneca Veterans Committee


    Serving the Veterans and Residents of West Seneca

2018 Chairman

Al Olewniczak
Marine Corp. League, Detachment 239


  • Please donate to the Korean War Monument
  • The Korean War (Conflict) is often referred to as the forgotten war, but more than 1.5 million American men and women fought on the Korean peninsula from 25 June 1950 through 27 July 1953. During three years of conflict, more than 35,000 American soldiers died, including four West Seneca residents, with approximately 101,000 wounded and over 7,000 missing in action.

    The war lasted just over three years, but 65 years after the guns fell silent, our Korean Conflict veterans never received the honor and respect that all off our veterans earned and deserved. West Seneca has memorials to honor our servicemen and servicewomen who served in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. Currently there is no memorial in Veterans Park to honor the brave men and women who served in the Korean War, the Forgotten War

    The West Seneca Veterans Joint Veterans Committee, along with American Legion Post 735, has embarked on a mission to insure that our Korean comrades are properly recognized by creating and erecting a memorial in honor of their service to our great nation.

    The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee is seeking donations to help us cover expenses to design and construct a Korean War monument. The monument will be placed in the Walkway of Freedom complex within Veterans Memorial Park.

    We are looking for supporters to help the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee carry out its mission of creating and displaying a Korean War monument in our community. Companies, organizations and individuals are encouraged to make a generous contribution to help defray the costs associated with erecting a Korean War monument in West Seneca. Any funds that may be left over once all memorial expenses are covered will be used for park improvements.

    Contributions can be made to West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee by check by clicking the easy to complete Check Donation Form. Please make all tax-deductible checks payable to:  American Legion 735 - KWM

    With the help and support of our community we can bring the Korean War monument to our community and improve our park to honor our veterans. If you have any questions or need further information, email:    wsvets1@gmail.com

    The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee and American Legion Post 735 gratefully acknowledges the generous donations made by the following to help establish a Korean War monument in West Seneca:

     American Legion Post 735          William & Linda Boldt 

  • Honor a Veteran - Buy a Brick


    Veterans Bricks are now on sale - Permanently engrave a tribute on a Veterans Memorial Brick for $75.

    The West Seneca Veterans Committee is taking orders for its engraved veteranís bricks program. Now is the time to honor a veteran with the purchase of an engraved veteranís brick to honor their service. More than 1,700 engraved bricks have been installed in the West Seneca Veterans Memorial Park Walkway of Freedom complex, located next to Town Hall.

    The purchase price for engraved bricks is $75.00 (seventy-five dollars). Orders for bricks will be taken through March 1, 2018. All bricks ordered within this time will be placed in the walkway complex during the Spring of 2018, when the landscaping has been completed for the new Community Center/Library complex. Once the deadline has passed, no other orders will be taken.

    Each 4 inch x 8 inch brick is engraved with 2 lines of up to 18 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. The logo of the branch of service will also be engraved.

    The purpose of the West Seneca Veterans Memorial Park is to honor the veterans who have served the United States by giving their time and, some ultimately, their lives in military service of their country. There are no restrictions for residency on veterans. Any and all veteran who proudly served our country are invited to purchase a brick. This Memorial Park will hold before present and future generations the principle that freedom is not free and that free people must always be prepared to defend that freedom at whatever cost. The Memorial Park is meant to inspire visitors and instill a sense of pride and respect for all veterans who have served in the United States military.

  • Named person must be a Veteran, living or deceased, of any branch of the United States Military: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marines; serving during peacetime or wartime in any conflict

  • If such person subsequently is discovered to have had a less than an honorable discharge, his/her name shall be removed immediately. No refund will be given.

    Businesses or organizations may also purchase a brick for $250.00 each.

    Forms will be available until March 1, 2018 at the following locations: West Seneca Town Clerks Office, American Legion Post 735, and the West Seneca Library or

    Click here to print off Veterans Bricks Order Form in PDF format

    Just print off the order form, complete the information and mail. All forms and payment (check or money orders only please) must be returned to the Veterans Committee. Forms may be returned by mail or dropped off at American Legion Post 735, daily after 12:00PM Noon

  • Calling All West Seneca and Western New York Residents Who Served during the Korean War Era and the Vietnam War Era
  • Over 1.7 million servicemen and servicewomen served in Korea during the Korean War, and more than 3.4 million troops were deployed to Vietnam during that war. In addition, millions more of our military served around the world during the Korean War era and the Vietnam War era. Their contributions to our military can never be fully appreciated and was important to our nation no matter where they served. We want to recognize and honor our local Korean era and Vietnam era veterans by creating a database of their service. This database will pay a lasting tribute to the West Seneca and all local area residents who served during those two eras.

    Our goal is to create a database that will pay a lasting tribute to all who served during the two conflict eras. If you or a member of your family served during the Korea or Vietnam eras, we would like to hear from you.

    • Veteran must have been honorably discharged from military service
    • Must have served on active military duty during the following conflict eras:
      • Korean conflict era (June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955)
      • Vietnam conflict era (February 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975)

    To create the database, our Korean War and Vietnam WEar era veterans or a member of their family must complete a questionnaire. If you would like to participate, click on the Korean and Vietnam Era Veterans Questionnaire link below, print and complete. Drop off the form or mail to the Veterans Committee at American Legion Post 735. The database compilation will be posted on the West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee website and preserved in hardcopy at the West Seneca Historical Society. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Manley at jemanley1@gmail.com.

    Click here to view the Database Questionnaire for Korean and Vietnam Era Veterans. Print, complete and mail.

    Help us thank our veterans for their selflessness, bravery and their sacrifice in advancing the cause of peace and freedom. Documenting the service of our Korean and Vietnam Era veterans will preserve their memory for generations to come.

  • World War II – West Seneca War Service Records
  • When the United States entered World War II, hundreds of young men and women from the Town of West Seneca joined the military to do their part to protect our freedoms from thoses forces that tried to dominate countries around the world.

    An ongoing project is recreating the information from the original WAR SERVICE RECORDS collected during the World War II years. The public is invited to help update records contained in this listing.

    Click here for more information and the Military Service listing.


    The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee was formed in 1957, when many veterans wished a centrally located monument in the Town of West Seneca, dedicated to all wars. The idea of the town veterans banding together for the common good was felt so strongly, through the monument endeavor, that all agreed to continue the organization.


    • To channel all town veterans affairs through a single committee, whether these affairs pertain to government, the Town Board or matters involving other community groups or organizations.
    • To encourage and foster communication among the individual veterans posts and groups.
    • To reduce the duplication of functions and services provided by individual posts, and increase the coordination of community activities provided by veterans groups.
    • To provide a unified and solid front on behalf of all veterans in the Town of West Seneca.
    • To promote and strengthen comradeship among the individual veterans posts or organizations.

    West Seneca Veterans Committee
    Meeting Schedule for 2018

    (Subject to Change)

     DATE    TIME      HOST         MEETING LOCATION  
     3/23/2018    7:30PM      Marine Corp. League         T/B/D  
     4/27/2018    7:30PM      Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8113         T/B/D  
     5/18/2018    7:30PM      Navy Seabee Veterans of America          T/B/D  
     9/28/2018    7:30PM      AMVETS, Post 8113         T/B/D  
     10/26/2018    7:30PM      Harvey D. Morin, VFW Post 2940         T/B/D  

    2018 - Upcoming Veterans Committee Events





    May 28 
     10:30 AM  Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony Southgate Plaza to Town Hall 
    November 11 
     11:00 AM  Veterans Day Ceremony Walkway of Freedom 

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