35 Legion Parkway
West Seneca,
New York 14224

Marine Corp. League
Detachment 239

Veterans of Foreign Wars
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Navy Seabee Veterans
of America, Island X-5

Post 8113

Harvey D. Morin
VFW Post 2940

82nd Airborne

American Legion
Post 735

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West Seneca Veterans Committee


    Serving the Veterans and Residents of West Seneca


  • Erie County "Thank-A-Vet" ID Card Sign-up Scheduled for February 23, 2015
  • The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee and American Legion Post 735 announce an opportunity for veterans to obtain the Erie County "Thank-A-Vet" ID Cards. Accepted for discounts and services at over 1,000 Erie County businesses, veterans can apply for the ID Card on Monday, February 23, 2015. The sign-up will take place at American Legion Post 735 from 1:00PM until 3:30PM.

  • Veterans bricks now on sale !!
  • This is your opportunity to purchase engraved Veterans bricks to be displayed in the Walkway of Freedom. Bricks will be on sale from October 1, 2014 thru March 1, 2015 and will be batch ordered in March 2015. Weather permitting, engraved bricks will be installed in the campanion Pathways in May 2015.

    The purpose of the bricks is to honor the veterans who have served the United States by giving their time and, some ultimately, their lives in military service to their country. We honor all veterans, no matter where they reside, living or deceased, of any branch of the United States Military: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marines; serving during peacetime or wartime in any conflict. Honor a veteran with an engraved brick to be displayed in the Walkway of Freedom complex along with more than 1,600 other engraved veterans bricks.

    Click here to print the Veterans Brick Application in PDF format.

    ATTENTION: Businesses and Organizations:

    Honor our Veterans! Purchase an 8-inch x 8-inch Brick and permanently engrave your business or organization name on a Veterans Memorial Brick for $250.

    Click here to print the Business/Organization Veterans Brick Application in PDF format.

    An updated listing of all bricks in the Walkway of Freedom, Path of Glory and Path of Courage is on-line.

    Click here for the Updated Master Brick Listing page.

  • World War II - West Seneca War Service Records
  • When the United States entered World War II, hundreds of young men and women from the Town of West Seneca joined the military to do their part to protect our freedoms from thoses forces that tried to dominate countries around the world.

    An ongoing project is recreating the information from the original WAR SERVICE RECORDS collected during the World War II years. The public is invited to help update records contained in this listing.

    Click here for more information and the Military Service listing.

  • New Veterans Support Line
  • The Vets4Warriors peer support line, 1-855-838-8255 (1-855-VET-TALK), provides easy access to supportive, non-attributional conversations with trained veteran peers representing all branches of the military. This team of veteran peers has immediate access to behavioral health clinicians to respond to potentially emergency issues and can offer referrals to local community services, military veteran centers, and military healthcare providers based upon the needs of the Service Member.

    A variety of services will be provided to include non-clinical (legal, financial) and referrals for clinical services (substance abuse, behavioral health).

    Vets4Warriors Website:    www.vets4warriors.com

  • 20% Discount for Veteran's Admission to Buffalo Naval & Military Park for Veterans
  • Veterans are eligible for a 20% discount for admission to the Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park. Admission is free for active duty service personnel. The Naval Park is open daily from 10:00 AM 'til 5:00 PM. Be sure to bring identification that you are a veteran or active military.The Naval Park is closed from December 'til April.

  • FREE Annual Pass to National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands for US Military and Their Dependents
  • US military members and the dependents of deployed military in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as most members of the US Reserves and National Guard can apply for a Free Annual Pass to National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands. The Annual Pass may be obtained in person at Federal recreation sites that charge entrance or standard amenity fees. Proper military ID is required (CAC Card or DoD Form 1173).

    Although there is no Free Pass specifically for veterans, many veterans qualify for one of the other discount passes offered as part of the National Park Pass Program:

    • If you are 62 or older you qualify for a Senior Pass. You can buy a Senior Pass in person from a participating Federal recreation site or office or by mail.
    • If you have a permanent disability you may qualify for an Access Pass. This is a free lifetime pass that you may obtain in person from a participating Federal recreation site or office or by mail.

    Click here for more information on the National Park Pass Program

  • The Veterans Affairs Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry is now live
  • More than 18 months in the making, the registry is open to active duty and former troops to report exposures to airborne hazards such as burn pits, oil well fires and other forms of pollution and document their health problems. The registry does not require a physical exam or testing- to be included in the registry the Service member and or Veteran self-enrolls by logging on the VA Public Health website and answering a series of questions. VA/DOD verifies that the Veteran/ Service member served during the appropriate time period/location prior to being added to the registry.

    Below are the links to the website and attached are fact sheets in reference to the registry and burn pit exposures.

    Please log in and register on the VAís public health website

  • Military Wallet Discounts:
  • The Military Wallet website offers great information on benefits, discounts and most anything that affects the military member's wallet!

    Click here to learn more at http://themilitarywallet.com/military-discounts/

  • VA Begins Dental Insurance Pilot Program:
  • VA is partnering with Delta Dental and MetLife to allow eligible veterans, plus family members receiving care under CHAMPVA, to purchase affordable dental insurance. More than 8 million veterans who are enrolled in VA healthcare can choose to purchase one of the offered dental plans. The three-year pilot program is designed for veterans with no dental coverage, or those eligible for VA dental care who would like to purchase additional coverage. According to the VA, participation will not affect anyone's entitlement to VA dental services and treatment, and there are no eligibility limitations based on service-connected disability ratings or enrollment priority assignments. People interested in participating can complete an online application through either Delta Dental, www.deltadentalvadip.org, or MetLife, www.metlife.com/vadip. Enrollment is now open and coverage begins Jan. 1, 2014. The program will be available throughout the United States and its territories.

  • Veterans One-Stop Center opens in Buffalo to provide help for veterans and their families:
  • The mission of the Veterans One-Stop Center is to bring people, organizations, and resources together in time, space, and effort to effectively improve the well-being of all Western New York Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

    The assistance center, located on the second floor at 1280 Main Street, Buffalo, with a coalition of independent service providers, including the Western New York Veterans Housing Coalition, Goodwill Industries of Western New York, VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans, City Mission, Child and Family Services, St. Vincent DePaulís Thrift Store, and the Erie County Department of Social Services, will give a veteran a place to go and receive help from as many providers as necessary

  • Local Veteran Post Activities:
  • Want to know when the next veteran's activity is scheduled: Bar-B-Que, Parade, or Breakfast? Check the West Seneca Veterans Committee Member Calender for the latest events.

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    The West Seneca Joint Veterans Committee was formed in 1957, when many veterans wished a centrally located monument in the Town of West Seneca, dedicated to all wars. The idea of the town veterans banding together for the common good was felt so strongly, through the monument endeavor, that all agreed to continue the organization.


    • To channel all town veterans affairs through a single committee, whether these affairs pertain to government, the Town Board or matters involving other community groups or organizations.
    • To encourage and foster communication among the individual veterans posts and groups.
    • To reduce the duplication of functions and services provided by individual posts, and increase the coordination of community activities provided by veterans groups.
    • To provide a unified and solid front on behalf of all veterans in the Town of West Seneca.
    • To promote and strengthen comradeship among the individual veterans posts or organizations.

    West Seneca Veterans Meeting Schedule for 2015    (Subject to Change)






    2015 - Upcoming Veterans Committee Events





        Monday, January 12     6:45 PM     Changing of the Colors Ceremony  West Seneca Town Hall 
        Monday, May 25     10:30 AM     Memorial Day Ceremony
    (Form up at Southgate Plaza)
      West Seneca Town Hall 
        Wednesday, November 11     11:00 AM     Veterans Day Ceremony  Walkway of Freedom 

    Important Military Holiday Dates



        Holiday Designation       

        Thursday, January 16      Desert Storm Air War Begins - 1991      
        Monday, January 27      Signing of Vietnam Peace Accord - 1973      
        Thursday, January 30      Viet Cong launch Tet Offensive - 1968      
        Saturday, February 1      National Freedom Day      
        Sunday, February 23      Flag Raised on Iwo Jima - WWII - 1945      
        Sunday, February 23      Desert Storm Ground War Begins - 1991      
        Wednesday, March 19      Operation Iraqi Freedom begins - 2003      
        Sunday, April 6      United States enters World War I - 1917      
        Sunday, April 6      Persian Gulf War Ends - 1991      
        Friday, April 25      Spanish American War Begins - 1898      
        Thursday, May 8      V-E Day - 1945      
        Saturday, May 17      Armed Forces Day
        Monday, May 26      Memorial Day (Observed)      
        Friday, May 30      Memorial Day      
        Friday, June 6      D-Day - WWII - 1944      
        Saturday, June 14      Flag Day      
        Saturday, June 14      U.S. Army Day (established 1775)      
        Wednesday, June 25      North Korea invades South Korea - 1950      
        Friday, July 4      Independence Day
        Sunday, July 27      Korean War Armistice Day - 1953      
        Monday, August 4      U.S. Coast Guard Day (established 1790)
        Friday, August 15      U.S. Involvement Ends in Vietnam
        Tuesday, September 2      V-J Day - WWII - 1945
        Thursday, September 11      9/11 Observance Day
        Thursday, September 11      Patriot Day
        Wednesday, September 17      Constitution Day
        Thursday, September 18      U.S. Air Force Day (established 1947)
        Friday, September 19      POW/MIA Recognition Day
        Sunday, September 28      Gold Star Mother's Day      
        Tuesday, October 7      Operation Enduring Freedom begins in Afghanistan - 2001      
        Monday, October 13      U.S. Navy Day (established 1775)
        Thursday, October 16      Cuban Missle Crisis Begins - 1962
        Saturday, October 25      U.S. Invades Grenada - 1983
        Monday, November 10      U.S. Marine Corps Day (established 1775)
        Tuesday, November 11      Veterans Day
        Sunday, December 7      Pearl Harbor Day
        Tuesday, December 16      Battle of the Bulge - WWII - 1944
        Wednesday, December 31      Official End of World War II

    Explore Veterans benefits

    Military veterans and their families have an online source of help for getting the benefits they have earned.

    On the website Explore VA, produced by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans can learn about many kinds of benefits: health care, education, job services, home loans, housing, life insurance, pensions, disability compensation and much more.

    Veterans can also apply for those benefits through the site and track the status of your claim. If you want to reach out for more information or to friends or fellow veterans, you'll find social networking tools to help you out.

    For this and much more, log onto: VA.GOV/EXPLORE

    Erie County Clerk Announces "THANK A VET" Discount Program

    Erie County Clerk Christopher L. Jacobs has announced a complementary program that is a way to recognize the veterans in our community for their service and sacrifice. Available to any veteran in Erie who files their military discharge forms/DD-214 with the County Clerk's Office.

    Filing your discharge or separation papers is free of charge and certified copies of recorded discharges are made, free of charge, for veterans or their immediate families whenever needed. Discharge papers are proof of your military service, and can be used to establish eligibility for a variety of benefits including property tax exemptions and civil service credits.

    Click here for complete instructions whether you have filled your DD214 with Erie County or how to file if you have not.

    Once you file your discharge papers, Erie County will provide a personal discount card, free of charge, that can be used in participating local businesses.

    Eligible veterans will receive a photo I.D. card which identifies them as an honorably discharged veteran. The veteran can then use this I.D. card at participating merchants who have agreed to honor the card by providing the holders with a discount on purchases or services.

    Click here for for a listing of participating merchants.

    In addition, if you an ID card from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you can also receive a 10% discount at Lowes and Home Depot stores

    Click here to visit the Erie County Clerk website for additional information and updated merchant listing.

    Earned Stripes

    In conjunction with NYSPHSAA, SECTION 6, returning veterans now have an opportunity to become high school sportís official or umpire. NYSPHSAA Section 6, partnering with its participating officials organizations, will help veterans integrate back in to WNY communities, network and have the ability to earn and supplement their income. NYSPHSAA will help offset costs associated with becoming a first year high school sports official.

    If any veteran is interested in becoming a certified New York State high school sports official or umpire, click
    for more information.

    Veteran Tickets Foundation

    The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to giving back to those who gave us so much. The Foundation teams up with major sports teams, leagues, promoters, organizations, venues and everyday event ticket holders to provide free and discounted tickets to the more than 26 million Military and Veterans in the United States.

    Do you have event tickets that you would like to donate and receive a tax deductible receipt? Please contact the Veterans Ticket Foundation to start that process and please SPREAD THE WORD AS AN EMPTY SEAT DOESN'T DO ANYONE ANY GOOD!!!

    Support our Military, Veterans and their Families with entertainment, lasting memories and reintegration opportunities by providing free tickets to sporting events, concerts and family activities.

    For complete information, please visit    www.vettix.org

    Giving free and discount event tickets away is not a handout or charity. It is an expression of appreciation, acknowledgement and an enduring symbol that we as a nation honor the service of our troops now and long after their tour of duty has passed.

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